90+ Light Up Dance Floor Design On Your Wedding

Choosing a dance floor is becoming increasingly more popular as many folks want something fresh, modern and a little different to create their event stick out. After reading the title of today’s post you might have thought I will not ever need to create a dance floor. Lighted dance floors appear to be a huge undertaking but can be completed with a small time and just a few accessible supplies. Although if you’re seeking to install an extremely high-end dance floor in your house for events they’re a very first class choice.

Our floors are the brightest and safest in the business, and our technicians are professionals devoted to making your event the very best possible. With the introduction of LED technology, LED floors have gotten popular once again and are in excellent demand.

This floor may be custom programmed at an excess charge to fit your party or event colour scheme. Our LED dance floor is wholly battery powered, so there are not any cords. LED dance floors are perfect for different settings. The illuminated dance floor isn’t readily available for DIY because of its weight and technical requirements. Our White Starlight Dance Floor is ideal for both wedding receptions and company events.

Candace R. Rumsey